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A remote volunteer licensed psychologist is needed to create technology addiction quizzes.

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Good or bad, technology is an unavoidable reality in today’s world. But while it does a lot of good and makes our lives a whole lot easier, technology also has some downsides. For instance, some people end up getting addicted to social media, phones, online games, and the web to the point where they cannot function normally or lead productive lives. These people need help from individuals like themselves and even organisations like ours. Here at the CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre, we are always seeking the means to help people addicted to technology lose the vice and lead better lives.

In short, we help people and families dealing with technology addiction rise above these problems and use technology appropriately like the rest of the world. Technology may be one of the greatest gifts of the modern world, but due to technology addiction, it is also a threat to the lives of many. People dealing with technology addiction not only suffer from ruined social lives, they are also more likely to result in the use of drugs, develop obsessive-compulsive disorders, and suffer from psychological issues like depression and anxiety.

We work with our partners and volunteers to reverse these problems in a number of ways. For instance, we provide information, classes and private sessions to individuals and organizations. Our mission is a daunting one, and at the same time quite critical. Therefore, we need all the help we can get since we are not short on people, families, and institutions that need assistance handling technology addiction issues. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for individuals who are willing and able to support us through volunteer work.

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Work together with us

CatchSec is a charitable organization that is always ready to welcome on board anyone willing to help us attain our mission. We have a lot of volunteer opportunities you can pick from. Therefore, if you can work with us, you are more than welcome to join us. This is a great leap in community service - giving your time, knowledge, effort, and resources to help regular people overcome the addiction problems modern technology has caused in their lives. Many people are excited to work with us to advance this cause, and we are always thrilled to have more people join our mission. This, we believe, is what it takes to help impart knowledge, skills and marshal the resources needed to deal with technology addiction cases in our world every day.

Even while doing something to better our community, you will also get something out of working with us. We are very culturally diverse, and you will find inspiration for future career paths, and get a rare opportunity to change or even save someone’s life from the woes of technology addiction. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, many of those affected by technology addiction are young people. Therefore, the impact you can have on someone’s life by joining our cause can be profound and lasting. And considering that the latest generations are having contact with technology at an even earlier age, being in the front line in the mission to help people relate normally with technology is a great way to help better our society and secure its future. Otherwise, our work conditions are very accommodating.

You will meet many welcoming and friendly people. Individuals and organizations who are willing to work with you to ensure that your contribution has a great and significant impact on individuals and families struggling to deal with technology addiction. Having skills is always a huge advantage for those who would like to work with CatchSec. However, we know a lot of ways concerned volunteers can be of help to our mission. Therefore, do not let anything stop you from getting in touch with us to see how you can work with us to help someone who is still in the shackles of technology addiction.

Catchsec volunteer experts share our values

Volunteers and experts who share our values and attitudes

Volunteers willing to help us advance our cause are always welcome to join us. We welcome any supporters and are also happy to have some specialists on board. If you share the values and the attitudes we have as CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre, kindly get in touch with us and help us give these people a hand. We also welcome donations, which we use to advance our mission and reach more people dealing with technology addiction. So, to help us make the technology age the fortune it should be by supporting our mission to assist individuals and institutions trying to rid the world of the growing technology addiction problem.