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Catchsec support us thanks to technology

The world is not what it used to be, and it’s all thanks to technology

For the most part, that’s a good thing. After all, we have seen the biggest leaps in the history of human ingenuity solely because of this technology. So, overall, we have a lot to be thankful for with modern technology at our disposal. Unfortunately, some have little, if anything, to celebrate as far as technology is concerned. These are mostly young people and adults who are dealing with technology addiction. This group of people is dealing with one form of technology addiction or another. That’s right - modern technology has resulted in a negative impact in many people’s lives.

While some of them are addicted to technology devices like smartphones, others have developed unhealthy relationships with the internet, mobile applications, video games, and so forth. The problem cuts across all professions, it does not just affect people who have too much time to spend on the web or on their phones. Today, kids, office workers, and even families are finding themselves deep in the throes of technology addiction, with seemingly no way out.

At CatchSec, we join hands with other interested parties to give such people a chance at a normal life. We use a number of options to help technology addicts fight off the problem and become productive members of the society once more.

As you can imagine, our job is not an easy one, considering how broadly and commonly technology is used in the modern world. Therefore, this is not a battle we can win on our own. We need all the help we can get from individuals and organizations wishing to join forces with us in our fight against the mounting technology addiction problem.

Catchsec support us canadian charitable organization

We are a Canadian Registered Charitable Organization

We are CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre, a charitable organization registered in Canada. Our goal is to assist families and individuals who are addicted to technology in one way or another. We do this by offering information, classes, and private sessions to those affected by this problem. We understand that this is the problem that does not discriminate based on social class, age, gender or any other social factor. Therefore, we welcome and solicit support from many kinds of partners so that we can handle the overwhelming number of technology addiction cases we encounter.

Our aim is to make these people relate with technology in a way that benefits them, their families, and the society at large. Through our interaction with technology addicts, we have understood that the root causes of these issues is often deep and complex. For instance, some of the addicts have the technology addiction problem because they faced some childhood trauma or another. Children who face abuse or neglect, for instance, might find consolation in the immersive and mechanical world of technology. Unfortunately, that heightened interest in technology can sometimes turn into an addiction.

Catchsec support us one time donation

One Time Donation

If you would like to make a one-time donation, you are more than welcome to do so. Usually, these donations are meant to support a particular issue we are trying to resolve. For instance, you could make a donation to help us rid a particular family of technology addiction, or help a particular kid have a normal relationship with technology by paying for the therapy sessions he/she needs to overcome the problem.

Otherwise, you can also make generic one time donations and you can rest assured that your contribution will go towards helping someone whose life has been derailed by addiction get back on track. A lot of our donors make one time donations, sometimes more than once. We are always appreciative of such contributions because we are always in need of funds to resolve the addiction cases we come across on a daily basis.

Catchsec support us monthly recurring donations

Monthly Recurring Donations

Some of our donors prefer to make recurring monthly donations. This is especially so in cases where funds are needed to sustain an ongoing program. Therefore, if you want to support a program we run on a regular basis, such as our training programs, you may want to consider making these kinds of donations.

Catchsec support us dedicated targets and goals

Any Donation can be directed or dedicated to the following targets and goals

If you would like to make a donation, you can dedicate it to one of our programs, a promotion we are running, the therapy sessions we offer, the memory of someone’s relative, guides, tutorials and educational sessions. You are also welcome to direct donations to an issue like smartphone addition, video game addiction, or even internet addiction. Donors can also support specific addiction categories. These include families, kids, and office workers. You are also welcome to support our mobile app.

Catchsec support us commitment helping people

Our commitment to assisting individuals

With a commitment to charitable causes, our commitment to helping people deal with technology addiction moves forward because people or organizations like you choose to support us through donations. CatchSec is a charitable organization that puts all the resources it gets from donors towards alleviating the problems people faced with technology addiction deal with on a daily basis.

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So, our appeal is that you support us in our endeavor. Donate today and help someone who has been overcome by technology addiction enjoy the wonders of modern technology like you and we do.