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Our CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre Programs

Catchsec our programs healthy lifestyle

To educate and promote a healthy lifestyle

Technology addiction is a condition that is slowly, but surely, creeping up on most technology enthusiasts the world over. It is oblivious of age, gender, and race and are quickly taking over most youth and adults in today's society. At The CatchSec Addiction Centre, we dedicate ourselves to redeeming adults and youth who are struggling with technology addiction. We are a non-profit organization that educates and promotes a healthy lifestyle, with a keen interest in eradicating and preventing technology dependency, by creating awareness.

Catchsec our programs addiction to technology

What is an addiction to technology; what are its causes and signs

Technology addiction is the uncontrollable impulse to use technological devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and computers for various reasons. According to recent scientific reports, technology addiction can be caused by pre-existing habits such as drug and substance abuse and other genetic factors. It may also be due to insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This addiction, like most others, is accompanied by withdrawal and extremely high levels of stress.

Catchsec our programs your need for support

Do you need support

The problem, however, is that most of us view this as very far-fetched - as though we are immune to it. Questions, however, remain; do you spend most, if not all, of your spare time shopping online, gambling, gaming, and texting in chat rooms and social media? Does the online environment give you a feeling of comfort and security? Does the thought of being around others at school or work cause you stress and anxiety? If this is the case, you probably need to pay us a quick visit to the CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre. Our programs are specially formulated to ensure inclusivity, hope, and support and ultimately prevent relapses afterwards.

Catchsec our programs plan to educate

Our programs

Our Centre is a round-the-clock institution that aims to educate affected individuals and families and encourage them to break their destructive technological dependency. Our program is specially designed to establish social interactions that give our members a safe space to overcome their social anxiety and use their technology savvy skills for more beneficial causes.

Some of the most popular programs are:

  1. Classes and Therapy Sessions

    The CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre offers both group and individual therapy to help members through their struggle with technology addiction. Our therapists are thoroughly trained and have sharpened their skills by working with hundreds of tech addicts throughout the years. The first step in our therapy is to help our members understand the emotional, physical and psychological root- causes. These may vary from childhood neglect, abuse, to absentee parents or guardians. Unstable living conditions also contribute to technology addictions, but this may vary from one patient to the next.

    Our therapists create a safe outlet for our members to relieve their emotional setbacks. The group therapy sessions offer an excellent platform for members to relate to each other's struggles, and this creates a sense of companionship. The meetings are very beneficial in the sense that the members learn about new methods to cope with various triggers, to help reduce their dependency on technology. Our sessions build trust and emotional and psychological security.

  2. Application Development Project

    We at the CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre acknowledge that technology is essential in our daily lives if only it is used responsibly. For this reason, we are looking to fight fire with fire by developing an app that monitors and regulates internet usage to counter technology addiction. There are several apps for this in existence, but one that is tailor-made for the CatchSec Centre will be more convenient as our members will directly relate to it.

    The application is supposed to block distracting social media apps and other unnecessary games while allowing you access to other useful apps. It allows you to set your daily limits and alerts you once you exceed. You can also activate a few features which will automatically switch off your phone temporarily once over-use is detected. The app will also be designed to offer daily analytics that will contain details of your usage and will hopefully act as a call to action for you. You will also receive addiction scores daily to help you adjust your usage. The application will help you to redirect your focus and improve productivity.

  3. School and Community Education Projects

    Our primary focus is educating the community on the dangers of dependency on technology and how it affects individuals, families and the community at large. Technology addiction has broken many families across the world and destroyed other significant relationships. Students also lose focus on their education and eventually drop out of school to spend more time online.

    We hold regular community conferences to address such issues in a manner in which parents, children and the entire demographic can relate. We also make regular visits to learning institutions to create awareness on this fast-growing pandemic. We present the teachers with practical methods to control the use of technology in school while not entirely getting rid of it. We also educate students on the best ways to make use of the internet as a learning and leisure tool, without falling into the crippling jaws of addiction.

    We aim to hold regular after-school programs to deal with addiction as a result of idleness. These programs will involve simple field games, board games, theatre and even online-based education, which will show the children that it is OK to use technology, but not in a manner detrimental to their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Catchsec our programs target audience age groups

Our audience

We target age groups consisting of people who are most afflicted by technology addiction. This group comprises of adults and young adults who are computer literate, who own and are dependent on gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and video games. We also seek to partner with organizations that want to help individuals and families break such technology addiction. We need as much help as we can find and we welcome all skills and expertise essential to combating technology addiction.

Catchsec our programs objectives are individual and community growth

Our Objectives

The CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre is dedicated to individual and community growth, through our unique programs. We depend on goodwill and charity to run most of our programs. We therefore encourage any individuals or organizations to help keep our course going through donations, material and staff support. No contribution is too big or too small for us, we continue to encourage everyone to help in whatever way they can. Be part of our mission and help us restore hope to those affected by technology addiction and build better relationships with our friends, family, and community at large.