Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.   —Tony Robbins

Our Objectives at CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre

Catchsec our goals use internet to avoid personal issues

Using the internet as a manner to avoid personal issues

Do you find yourself thinking about your previous online experience and you are constantly worried about your next online session? Do you use the internet as a way of escaping your problems? Do you mostly feel the need to use the internet longer on your next session to achieve satisfaction? Or probably you have made numerous and unsuccessful efforts to stop, control or reduce your reliance on the internet and other gadgets like gaming equipment and your phone? You could be suffering from Technology addiction and just as any other type of addiction, you need professional help to get the addiction under control and also help you regain your normal life and we can help.

CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre is a charitable organization that relies heavily on donors and well-wishers to provide quality rehabilitation for technology addicts. We work with young adults aged between 18-25 years and adults aged 25 – 40 years. Our technology addiction centre can help you overcome your addiction by offering consultancy services, private sessions, support and even downloadable self-help guides to help battle different types of technology addiction.

Catchsec our goals avoiding multiple ways addiction to technology

Addiction to technology can occur in a multitude of ways

Technology addiction can manifest itself in a variety of ways which can be difficult for the victim to identify. Some of the common symptoms that are easily noticed include;

If you suspect or have any of these symptoms, you might be in need of our help. With our wide range of services and experience, we can help you to gain meaningful use of technology and also help you overcome the addiction.

We can help you battle the following types of technology addiction;

To achieve better results in our efforts, we have identified a set of goals that we focus our time and energy in our quest to fight dependency on technology.

Catchsec our goals have three primary objectives

Our primary goals are

1) To prevent and help individuals recover from addictive and destructive online technology. We run a variety of programs that are aimed at preventing addiction to online technology. We also have programs that help technology addicts recover from their addiction and help them to become more productive to their families and the society.

2) Give children hope and a healthy surrounding to grow and achieve their dreams. Dependence on technology can take a toll on families and children are usually adversely affected when they grow around family members who are addicted to technology. With our help, children are able to grow in a healthier environment where their needs are prioritized and attended to. Healthy parents with reduced dependency on the technology are able to cater to the needs of their children better and provide a better surrounding where they can dream big and achieve what they desire.

3) Building stronger families for a stronger Canada. A family is the basic unit of a great nation and we all have a duty in developing the right citizens and role models for our children. CatchSec Technology Addiction Center plays its role in the society by helping people overcome various types of technology addiction which include online, phones, internet, games and other technology-related conditions. We offer information, private sessions and classes that can help those with technology dependency overcome it and lead a more meaningful and productive life for a better society and to a larger extent the country.

Catchsec our goals supported by our large portfolio of services

Our service portfolio involves

    Intensives, these are vigorous short-term therapy sessions for people who would like to drastically change their lives for the better over a short period of time.

    Workshops, we hold workshops in different areas to raise awareness and discuss different topics related to the use and abuse of technology. Using these workshops we are able to help people understand the danger of technology addiction and using the same platform we offer valuable tips on how to overcome the addiction.

    Consulting, we offer personal, educational, business and academic consultancy services on the use and abuse of technology.

We understand that finding rehabilitative care can be expensive and most people who need it might not be able to afford it. Being a charitable organization, we offer quality care to all our patients.