My measure of success is whether I'm fullfilling my mission.   —Robert Kiyosaki

Our Mission at CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre

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Catchsec mission cultivate

Encourage the correct use of technology

Here at CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre, we are on a mission to cultivate the right use of technology for the sake of stronger families, better productivity in the workplaces, improved relationships between people, and enhanced connections between people. In other words, we believe in making technology have the positive impact on society it was intended to create in the first place. Our work primarily involves righting areas where the use of technology has made lives worse through addiction.

Catchsec mission technology is good

Technology is good, but it can also be bad

We have seen firsthand the power of technology, both good and bad. While the good things technology can do can be awe-inspiring, the ills it can have on our society can be shocking and devastating. This latter issue is apparent in the lives that technology addicts lead. On a daily basis, victims of technology addiction struggle to find a footing in their lives because the innovation has completely taken over their lives; and not in a good way. Some of the problems technology addicts face include depression, a crippled social life, poor health, and risky lifestyle decisions.

Catchsec mission technology addiction collective burden

Addiction to technology is a collective burden

On a daily basis, anyone going through technology addiction issues is not just a burden to themselves, but also to others. This is especially apparent when you consider that people suffering from addiction technology are usually young adults and adults who have family, societal or work responsibilities. Consequently, families can get destabilized when one of their own suffers from technology addiction. Similarly, organizations can experience dips in productivity when workers have to work and still deal with the problems that technology addiction causes. Furthermore, when important society members have to grapple with the woes of technology addiction, those who look up to them are also affected. This is what makes our mission so critical. It is also the reason why our company values are so well defined because the mission we pursue requires unwavering dedication from those who believe in it.

Catchsec firm commitment to our noble mission

Our steadfast commitment to our noble mission

Just as we understand that technology addiction is a problem that the society as a whole needs to be concerned about, we also understand that we cannot handle this problem alone. To begin with, since we are a charitable organization, we depend on donations and support from organizations and individuals who see the importance of our mission. We work together with these people so that technology addicts might have a fighting chance. In some unfortunate cases, technology addiction has been the undoing of many. But we are not willing to stand by and let that happen. This explains our unwavering dedication to our noble mission; and our willingness to accept support from individuals and organizations sympathetic to our cause.Already, we have in place systems and means to lift technology addicts out of the problem.

For instance, we have classes and sessions that help people learn more about technology addiction and the means to overcome it. We promote the healthier use of technology in other ways as well, for instance, with the use of therapists. We also understand that the society is also ill-equipped to help technology addicts find their way to normal lives. Therefore, many of these people need charity organizations with missions like ours to help them out, whether they know it or not. So, it takes you, me to win back those whose lifestyles and livelihoods have been lost, or have been threatened, by technology addiction.

Catchsec mission build better families

We believe of supporting technology

As per our mission, we believe in supporting technology addicts in every possible way so that they can enjoy technology like the rest of us. We are sure that as a responsible member of our society, you appreciate the importance of technology in our social and work lives. More than that, we believe you would like to live in a world where technology helps us build better families, organizations and societies instead of destroying these tenets of our society. Well, this calling starts with giving attention to the technology addiction issue at the grass root level. For instance, helping a kid, or a working parent afflicted with technology addiction overcome this problem and become an asset to the society, not a burden.

Catchsec mission support technology

What we do is essential, please volunteer

As you can see, ambitious as our mission is, what we do is indispensable if we are to save our families and organizations from the downsides of technology. Therefore, we call upon your support through volunteering. This way, we can reach as many addicts as possible and rid them of their unhealthy dependency on technology. We would like you to join us in giving these people a chance to use technology for their own good and that of their families, organizations and the society as a whole. So, volunteer with the CatchSec Technology Addiction Centre today and help us make technology the blessing it is to the rest of us.

Catchsec mission our goals perview

Our Goals

We are a charity that relies heavily on donors and well-wishers to provide technology addicts with quality rehabilitation. We work with young adults between the ages of 18-25 and adults between the ages of 25-40. Our Technology Addiction Center can help you overcome your addiction by providing consultancy services, private sessions, support and even downloadable self-help guides to help you fight various types of addiction to technology.

Catchsec mission our programs perview

Our Programs

We offer group and individual therapy to assist members in their struggle with addiction to technology. Helping our members understand the emotional, physical and psychological root causes is the first step in our therapy. These may vary from neglect of childhood, abuse to parents or guardians who are absent. Also contributing to technology addictions are unstable living conditions, but this can vary from patient to patient.

Volunteer at CatchSec

We are working with our partners and volunteers in a number of ways to reverse these issues. For example, we provide people and organisations with data, courses and private sessions. Our task is daunting, yet quite critical at the same moment. Therefore, we need all the help we can get as we are not short on individuals, families, and organizations that need help handling addiction problems with technology. We are therefore always looking for people who are prepared and able to help us through volunteer job.

Volunteer with us

You are more than welcome to do so if you want to create a one-time gift. These donations or volunteering are usually intended to help a specific problem that we are attempting to solve. For example, by paying for the therapy sessions people need to overcome the problem, you could make a donation to help us get rid of a particular family of technology addiction or help a particular kid have a normal relationship with technology.